URA Board to Consider Mall Amendment

The Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority Board of Directors have postponed their meeting to consider an amendment to the redevelopment agreement with the developer of the Foothills Mall until May 6, 2014.

See details of the proposed amendment at fcgov.com/cityclerk.

Welcome to the Fort Collins URA

The Urban Renewal Authority is in place to identify and revitalize areas of the city deemed blighted and provide a funding mechanism to encourage redevelopment. The main funding tool is Tax Increment Financing (TIF) generated through property taxes. The plan areas capture TIF for a period of 25 years. Qualified projects can receive a portion of property tax generated to be allocated back into the project for the community’s benefit. Public and private investment in the areas further promotes development and redevelopment in a plan area, such as North College or Midtown.


Approved projects by the URA

Aspen Heights
Storefront Improvement Program (North College)

Midtown Plan Area approved
Prospect South TIF district created
The Summit on College
Northeast College Corridor Outfall Project approved

JAX Mercantile
Revised Policies and Procedures

Kaufman and Robinson (amended)
Rocky Mountain Innosphere
Union Place (2012 update:project dissolved)
Kaufman and Robinson

Foothills Mall Plan Area dissolved
North College Marketplace

Foothills Mall Plan Area created

Valley Steel and Wire Company

North College Plan Area created

Urban Renewal Authority created